Residents are warned Storm Ciarán may disrupt services

Residents in the Chichester District are being warned that there is a chance services such as waste and recycling collections, could be disrupted from Wednesday 1 November, depending on the severity of Storm Ciarán.

The Met Office is warning of significant disruption from Storm Ciarán, with gusts of up to 80mph and perhaps even 90mph in the most exposed areas, along with heavy rain.

If the weather is severe and it is unsafe for refuse collectors to operate, waste and recycling collections may have to be suspended.

The council is advising residents that if they are unable to empty bins, that they will send their crews out at the earliest opportunity, or on their next normal collection day.

It is also encouraging people to download the Chichester District Council app from the Apple store or the Google Play store and switch on the notifications, in order to receive personalised alerts and updates regarding waste and recycling collections. People can find out more about the app at:

If the council manages to empty bins, residents are advised to remove their bin from the highway as quickly as possible.

Strong winds are also likely to blow bins over and so residents are also being advised to consider where they place their bin.

The council is also discouraging people from visiting parks and green spaces during the storm for their safety.

Litter picking, road sweeping and the emptying of litter and dig bins will resume once the storm has passed.

The council has also pulled together a list of key information and contact details to assist people if they need help. This can be found at: