We have done it!

We have now raised all of the £403,000 we need for the combined shop, playground and youth area projects! We would like to say a particular thank you to our very generous group of donors and the various grant bodies who have awarded funds to us but also to all of you who have supported us in whatever way – whether you bought a share in the shop, came along to one of our fundraising events or gave your skills and expertise to the project. It really is quite staggering to think that we have raised such an enormous sum as a community in just over 12 months. Thank you all. Now the hard work starts – construction is due to start in April!

Weekly events! Click to see

Weekly events (This is a general rule! Please check dates of activities, particularly  during school holidays. Most contact numbers are in the Community – Clubs and Societies pages of this website)

Every Monday in the Village Hall, Ladies’ Pilates Fitness, 6.15-7.15 p.m. followed by Men only Pilates Fitness 7.30-8.30 p.m.

Every Monday and Thursday in the Village Hall car park, Mobile Post Office operates from 8.30 to 10.30 a.m.

Every Tuesday, Short mat bowls in Village Hall, 6.45 p.m. (there is an outdoor bowls club during the Summer)

Every Tuesday, Fittleworth Football Club training, 6.45-ish.

Every Tuesday, Nomads Fish and Chips outside Village Hall, 5.00-7.30 p.m.

Did you miss out on buying shares in the shop last year?

We are offering shares in the shop again for purchase – please see the community shop page of this website for the share information pack and application form.  All funds raised will go towards the costs of building, equipping and stocking the shop and, once open, towards its running costs.  Do buy a share and join the other 250 shareholders – it’s a great way to support the project and be part of this exciting new venture

We have NEARLY raised all the funds we need for the community shop and playground projects – can you help with our remaining shortfall?

To date we have raised an amazing £376,000 and anticipate receiving a further £14,400 from grants and gift aid.  This makes a total of £390,400 (how amazing a figure is that – and virtually all of it raised within the last 12 months).  Given that the total project costs are estimated at £403,000 this means that we have a funding shortfall of £12,600.  Please donate if you can and help us reach our target – we are so close and would very much like to raise this final amount as soon as we can so that we can get on with the project.  Have a look at the community shop page of the website for details of how to donate.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this incredible figure – whether you are one of our donors, whether you have bought a share or two or whether you have organised or turned up at one of our fundraising events.  THANK YOU!

Thank you to the Community Shop committee!

How amazing that the Community Shop is becoming a reality!

Thank you to the committee!

Fittleworth Shop shareholders (and there are 250 of them!) many of whom were  at the first AGM on Thursday night, heard that plans are very much in place for work to start on the shop site after Easter. Thanks to all the hard work of the committee who’ve obtained funds from donations (thank you all donators!), successful grants and all the local fundraising activities, almost all funds are in place! Often with the help of others, they have worked on plans, permissions, tendering, grant applications, organising fundraising and much more – on our behalf.

We hear there will be news of another chance to buy shares or donate and of volunteering to help (the shop will only succeed if enough of us volunteer to help in the shop) so please keep looking out to see how you can help with Fittleworth Community Shop:  (this site) at https://fittleworth-pc.org.uk/fittleworth-community-shop/ and on Facebook  at @fittleworthstores and in the Village Magazine.

This week! Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation – your chance to see it and ask questions

Please drop in to Fittleworth Village Hall this Friday 19th between 2.30pm and 5.00pm or this Saturday 20th between 10.00am and 1.00pm. to find out how the plan has developed.

This stage of Public Consultation is your chance to see the Plan and ask some of the village team working on it any questions you may have, before it goes to South Downs.

To read the Plan now on this website, please open Menu, then Parish Council, then Neighbourhood Development Plan, clicking on the heading once the page has opened.

Please note – Access to Fittleworth roads restricted during 10th-18th January

A283 Church Lane to Lower Street Fittleworth Openreach spine sub duct and cabling works Multi-way Signals 10th – 18th January 2018 Open


A283 Lower Street to Hesworth Common Lane Fittleworth Lay spine sub duct and cabling Multi-way Signals 10th – 18th January 2018 Open


A283 Upper Street to Church Lane Fittleworth Openreach spine sub duct and cabling works Multi-way Signals 10th – 18th January 2018 Open


Upper Street Fittleworth Lay spine sub duct and cabling (between Bedham Lane and School Lane) Multi-way Signals 10th – 18th January 2018 Open


Any queries about the effect of the closure on traffic using the highway please contact the contractor (Openreach)

Mark McNamara

TICC Operator

Residents’ Services – Highways and Transport

West Sussex County Council