Do you need local help, or are able to give help with a local enquiry?

This section hopes to put people living in Fittleworth and its hamlets, in touch with each other.

Please contact us through the Village Clerk at;
or on 01798 831804 and she will pass responses to the relevant person. This is not a commercial contact point and we cannot accept responsibility for outcomes of contacts.

Thank you for the response to this message – an elderly lady in the centre of Fittleworth village would very much like to have an occasional (monthly?) visit for a chat. She appreciated the help.

No new personal ‘needs’ at present.


Help is needed to keep our facebook page up to date – are you interested in what’s going on in Fittleworth and willing to help post information about village events? To find out more email


The FAQs and other information in the Council section of this website, might help with more formal needs.

Dial 999 or go to the relevant telephone numbers in ‘Contacts’, in an emergency.