Thanks to all in the village who helped with the Plan – by responding to the June 2015 Housing Survey, and by participating in the public consultation we held at the end of October 2015.

You will see that input from both sources has been given full weight in the draft version of the plan available here; click on the title above to see it. Particular thanks are due to David Connell and his team, who provided the Habitat survey included as Appendix 2.

The documents available below are the subsidiary elements of the report. More detail, in the way of maps, plans, contents lists etc will be added, but we hope that by making the information available at this stage those living in the village will be able to comment on our conclusions before they are formally submitted, and can still be changed.

If you would like to comment, write to me at . Alternatively, I and the other members of the steering group (Shelagh Morgan, Mike Allin, Adrian Webb and Charles Clark) would be happy to discuss informally any aspect of the Plan.

Appendix 1 Fittleworth Housing Report

Appendix 2a – Habitat Survey 2015

Appendix 2b – Habitat Survey Map