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Hesworth Common

Hesworth Common

Hesworth Common

Hesworth Common Management Plan

Hesworth Common is an area of about 100 acres, approximately half of which is covered by trees and the other half open areas of bracken and heather. It is owned by the Parish Council on behalf of the parish and is jointly managed by the Parish Council and the South Downs National Park Authority.  Natural England funds the work required to increase the heathland areas, in relation to the bog area and general maintenance works.

We have a management plan in place to guide work on Hesworth Common.  This is because there are some interesting features which would be lost if no action were taken. For instance, there are wonderful areas of heather and bilberry which are threatened by advancing bracken and scrub.

Also, there are several splendid viewpoints of the South Downs which visitors and villagers enjoy; which need to be preserved. We need to maintain newly planted trees and shrubs to ensure the growth of a larger number of species. Step building and replacement of seats are also required from time to time.

We have a number of aims for the next 5-10 years. Namely, to:

  • maintain a pleasant, unspoilt stretch of countryside, which villagers and visitors can enjoy;
  • preserve a variety of habitats, to encourage wildlife and increase areas of gorse and hedgerow to expand bird life;
  • increase areas of heathland, wild flowers and encourage rare varieties of flowers and plants in the bog area to flourish;
  • increase tree planting in small areas, introducing new varieties where possible;
  • avoid urbanising the common;
  • provide special areas of interest for local groups, school children, scouts, cubs and guides.

We would like to encourage more parishioners to get involved in the future care of the Common.  The Parish Council organises regular working parties of village and local volunteers, the South Down rangers (and their volunteers).  We hope to increase the number of parishioners taking part in these working parties to ensure that our Common remains a beautiful piece of Sussex.  Tools and expert advice will be available.

Hesworth Management Committee Members

Mike Allin (Chairman)

Hazel Barkworth (Parishioner)

Charles Winchester (SDNPA)

Ed Brookfield (Parish Councillor)

Lee Scott (Parish Councillor)

Chris Welfare (Parish Councillor)

Hesworth Management Committee Minutes


Due to COVID-19 the March 2020 meeting was postponed.


2019 09 HESWORTH minutes Sept 23rd 2019

2019 04 HESWORTH minutes April 29th 2019


2018 11 November 3rd 2018 Minutes


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2014 10 HESWORTH minutes October 13th 2014

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2013 11 HESWORTH minutes for November 11th 2013