Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend a parish council meeting?

Yes! All members of the public or press are welcome to come along and listen to proceedings.

Can I speak at a Parish Council Meeting?

Yes! There is a section for public questions in every meeting.

Can I see the minutes?

Yes! The minutes are uploaded to the website every month, usually within two weeks of the meeting taking place. You can request your own copy of the minutes by email or on paper.

Can I raise a topic at a Parish Council Meeting?

Yes! You can come along to the meeting and discuss your topic under the public questions section or if you feel it needs to be put on the agenda then you are able to contact the chairman to discuss this prior to the meeting.

When and where do we meet?

Fittleworth Parish Council meets on the 3rd Monday most months in the Sports Pavilion at 7pm. Please check the noticeboard or website for dates. For 2023/24 Council Meeting dates click this link;


Is the Parish Council linked to other organisations in the Community ?

Please click here to see the Parish Council Organogram

Who should I contact about highway or drainage issues?

You can either contact the clerk or use the following website link which will enable you to log the issue direct http://love.westsussex.gov.uk/reports/home  Useful information about flooding can be obtained at http://apps.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood/31618.aspx 

Who should I contact if there is a tree that has fallen across a road or looks dangerous?

In an emergency, you should contact the Clerk or any councillor or WSCC. Less urgent matters can be reported via http://love.westsussex.gov.uk/reports/home

Who is responsible for litter?

Fittleworth Parish Council are responsible for litter on their land, Chichester District Council are responsible for litter on the Highway.


Fittleworth Parish Council have submitted CIL bids for Swan Green Improvements and Serpent Trail Improvements, they can be viewed here;

EOI-22_23-CORE-315- Fittleworth Serpent trail Improvements

EOI-20-CORE-153-Project WCR04 Swan Green Improvements