Fittleworth Speedwatch

Fittleworth Speedwatch

We are presently a small, but hopefully growing group of villagers, who are very concerned by the sheer volume and speed of traffic coming through our beautiful village of Fittleworth, West Sussex.

We collect data by monitoring the traffic for Highways in the hope of receiving money from their budget to assist in traffic calming in the village and to reduce the number of speeding vehicles and HGV’s over 7.5 tons.

In order to collect this data we do need volunteers to assist with taking down vehicle numbers, speed and type of vehicles in 2 hour voluntary capacity with 2 to 3 other people between Spring and Autumn at various times of the day to suit when you are free. In order to qualify you will need to register and do a 2 hour test on your computer for the training.

If you are unable to commit to taking a test and standing out on the road but would like to support us please email : Sally Tanner 01798 865175 or Mike Elliott 01798 865472

For our records please do report your Fittleworth traffic horrors to : Mike Elliott email : or Sally Tanner

For your information click here for the Lorry Advisory route