A special day (7.4.2020) – Lady Elgar died 100 years ago today.

Orchestral conductor Adrian Brown, who spoke at Fittleworth’s Elgar Weekend, sent this today. A special day for Fittleworth’s Bedham, where Sir Edward and Lady  Elgar were renting a cottage  at the time of Lady Elgar’s death. His cello concerto and chamber music were composed here:-

Today a hundred years ago, Lady Alice Elgar died. For the next Fourteen years of his life he lost that rock, an inspiration, a mother figure and an unreserved champion. She gave up all her status in society for him. Never forgiven by her family for marrying trade, a musician and a Roman Catholic. Not one of her family came to her funeral, the wife of now a knight and a holder of the OM. We hope such prejudice is over! She was tiny, a sparrow and would not look up to anyone. If you were tall, like Boult, he related, she talked to his chest!
Today I give great thanks for her. Behind every great man is a great woman. She sacrificed all for him and his music. Without her we most certainly would not have the great works we have.
God bless Alice.