Unauthorised Road Closure A283

Fittleworth Parish Council followed up reports from residents of an unauthorised closure on the A283 on 10th and 11th June. Several Councillors visited the site and as no permits could be produced, the WSCC StreetWorks team were contacted.
Following their investigation, WSCC have advised that an emergency permit had been submitted by a Traffic Management Contractor, regarding the closure of Lower Street in relation to Ash Die Back immediate works.
However, they say ‘Emergency permits should be submitted within 2 hours of the work starting to allow WSCC to look at coordination and diversion routes. Unfortunately, the Contractor did not adhere to that on this occasion and plotted their own diversion route which was not appropriate.
Following investigate by WSCC, failed procedures where identity (sic) which included the company not submitting an emergency permit within 2 hours and not providing information on the works and the diversion route for evaluation. A fixed penalty notice fine has been issued to the company.
WSCC apologies the inconvenience caused during these works.’
The FPC Planning Committee will monitor the temporary track created on site to enable tree works.
The CDC Tree Officer has been made aware of the works and asked to investigate whether any permits were required and/or obtained.