To date we have raised an amazing £376,000 and anticipate receiving a further £14,400 from grants and gift aid.  This makes a total of £390,400 (how amazing a figure is that – and virtually all of it raised within the last 12 months).  Given that the total project costs are estimated at £403,000 this means that we have a funding shortfall of £12,600.  Please donate if you can and help us reach our target – we are so close and would very much like to raise this final amount as soon as we can so that we can get on with the project.  Have a look at the community shop page of the website for details of how to donate.

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this incredible figure – whether you are one of our donors, whether you have bought a share or two or whether you have organised or turned up at one of our fundraising events.  THANK YOU!

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