A Missing bit of Bridleway!

Long-standing Villagers – Can You Help ?
Last year we were approached by a Fittleworth resident about an anomaly on Bridleway 677_2,
near Churchwood. This small section links Bridleway 677_2 to
Bridleway 676 but is not on the Definite Map and Statement, which is the legal record of public
rights of way in West Sussex.
The Parish Council agreed at their meeting on 16th January 2023 to support the resident in
applying to have this stretch added to the Definitive Map as a Bridleway and thereby protect its
use as a public right of way in future.
Before making an application, evidence of use needs to be gathered. We are asking local
residents and visitors who use this route, or have used it in the past, to provide a statement to
this effect. If you are willing to fill in a short questionnaire on your use of this section of
Bridleway 677_2, please contact us by emailing
Have you used this stretch as a Bridleway for horses, cycles, hikers, walkers, offroad vehicles?
Do you know someone who has? If so for how long? Please let us know.