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Little Bognor

Little Bognor

Little Bognor is an isolated hamlet in the north west corner of the parish. It reached by a single track lane, with passing places, running north from the A283. Douglas Lake Farm and Cottage are at the bottom of the lane; 15 other dwellings are a mile up the road which leads on to the Local Stone Quarry, to Riverhill and eventually joins the A272 road to Wisborough Green. At the end of the village are two lakes fished by members of the Leconfield Fly Fishing Club. Water from the lakes used to power a bone mill, now demolished.

Most of the buildings are of local stone and date back to times when they were occupied by farm workers and quarrymen, with a brewery and a forge. A Victorian letter box is still in use.

Crowsole Mill, dating back to 12th century, a working corn mill until 1895, is now a private residence and well known for its lovely garden of azaleas and rhododendrons. Little Bognor House (formerly Brookdean farm) – was built in the gardens of Holts and had been laid out by Clough Williams-Ellis: the stone for the house came from the demolished bone mill. The once very popular Little Bognor apple orchards are sadly no longer cultivated.

Although some houses are now second homes, most of today’s residents are now retired. Some have lived in Little Bognor for over 30, and even 50 years. Properties in this quiet rural community seldom come on the market.