A photo of a VE day display of flowers, flags and tea

V E Day – Victory in Europe Day in Fittleworth

V E Day marked the end of the war in Europe on 8th May 1945. Fittleworth celebrated ‘at home’ in 2020! Please see the latest E-Newsletter for photos of Fittleworth marking VE Day.
Fittleworth, unlike London, seems to have marked VE Day quietly in 1945. In 2020 we celebrated with flags, bunting, cups of tea (and the occasional Pimms!). In 1945 people travelled from far and wide to celebrate in London – including some of those living in Fittleworth now. This year we remembered the people who helped us then – and the many helping us now.

Of the few people who lived in Fittleworth then and remember this important day, there are memories of a village in waiting or remembering those they have lost in the war. People were waiting for news of family members in prisoner of war camps – were they still alive? Memories of escape with people not yet back in UK, or who were waiting for a then unknown VJ Day to feel they could celebrate.

So this year we celebrated ‘at home’ – if ‘over the fence’ at a 2 metre distance with neighbours or with our BBC in our homes.