Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Fittleworth

We know that the Fittleworth community has already helped Ukrainian refugees by sending supplies etc. and that people will be looking for ways to continue supporting the refugees.

Now that the Government has agreed to take refugees in the UK there are many of us who are wondering how this will work and how we can offer to help – whether by offering spare rooms, rental accommodation or in other ways.

There is information on how you can support Ukraine on the Chichester District Councils website, Supporting Ukraine refugees: Chichester District Council, including how you can register interest in providing accommodation and at Sanctuary Foundation | Supporting New Arrivals from Ukraine

We know that some Fittleworth residents have registered to offer accommodation to refugees, however we understand that not everyone is able to do so. If you would like to help in other ways, please let us know by sending your contact details and what support you can offer to We will maintain a list of contacts so that if any offers of accommodation are taken up in Fittleworth, your details can be forwarded to hosts so that a local support network can quickly be put in place.