Hesworth Incident update following public meeting

We had a good Zoom meeting with Police about this on Thursday and apologies to those of you who were unable to join because of the short notice and other commitments.  Key takeaways were:


  • There is ongoing active investigation and the police need as much evidence as possible
  • There have only been 4 reported incidents in the last year – if anybody has witnessed anything they have not reported, please do so NOW either via 101 or Online.  This will help the Police build up a picture and target their activity
  • Stay safe – walk in pairs, keep a mobile with you at all times and avoid the area around the main carpark
  • If you see something – Do not challenge, mock or provoke in any way but remove yourself from the vicinity and dial 999 immediately.  Otherwise report anything to 101 or online.
  • They do not advise putting up notices or taking random licence numbers this breaches people’s rights and cannot be used in evidence, unless you actually see the perpetrator getting into a car in which case take as much detail as you can and inform the police
  • The Police are as anxious to catch the perpetrator as we are