Hawkins Field Development – Good News!

The Parish Council have become aware of concerns in the village that the agreed street names for the new housing development will be changed once the properties have been sold. This is not the case! We understand this was due to a lack of information being available to a member of the on-site ‘Private’ Sales team. 

The Parish Council have been in touch with Chichester District Council, Elviria Homes, and Worthing Homes and have been assured that there is no intention for any change to the agreed street names of Hawkins Field, Constable Close and Elgar Way. These names have been registered with Royal Mail. Homeowners can apply to the local authority to change a house name, but street names are only changed in exceptional circumstances and any requests to do so are subject to public consultation. 

There also seems to have been some confusion for villagers wishing to purchase one of the Worthing Homes Shared Ownership properties.  It is not possible just to visit the site sales office and register an interest, this is only for the Private Sales customers.

Anyone who lives or works in Fittleworth who is interested in the shared ownership properties MUST contact the Leasehold Team at Worthing Homes on 01903 703100, or by email on and they will send out an information pack. 

The shared ownership properties are not being marketed by Elviria Homes, so even if you have registered an interest with Elviria, you still need to contact Worthing Homes. The shared ownership properties are marketed at much lower values than those on the open market. We understand there have been some changes of personnel at Worthing Homes and so even if you have already registered an interest with Worthing Homes, please do so again, to make sure you are still on the list.  Worthing Homes are keeping the 2 shared ownership homes Parish Specific, (so just those with a Fittleworth connection), until 6th October, so please make sure you have registered your interest by then.  

The bidding process for the social rent homes has not been opened yet and is managed by Chichester District Council and we understand that there already a number of Villagers who have done so.  You can only be considered for one of these Homes if you have a local connection.  If there are more bidders than Homes available, then Housing Need is taken into consideration.