Full Fibre Broadband – News for part of Fittleworth

The update
In early 2021, many householders connected to the Fittleworth exchange signed up to a Community led Openreach scheme to deliver Full Fibre Broadband, funded by Government vouchers.  This was not open to all properties in Fittleworth, but to those on a particular route, some on or around Lower Street and leading up Hesworth Lane near the Swan, to Hesworth Common and across fields southwest to Shopham Bridge.  The scheme was fully funded in February 2021 and should have been implemented by February 2022.  Delays by Openreach caused the project to slip, but they are now committed to implementation by July and expect all qualifying properties to be connected during May 2022.  Openreach cabling work is underway and people may have noticed this.  Once a property is connected they will be contacted individually by Openreach or their service provider and invited to sign up to a much faster fibre-based service.  Note that the properties connected initially will be those that signed up formally and committed their Government funding vouchers to the project.  Further information on the project is available on