CDC subsided tree scheme now open

The Chichester District Council Subsidised Tree Scheme is now open.

Everyone in the district, residents, landowners, farmers, community groups, business and other organisations, can apply for these trees, as long as the site is suitable. This scheme is funded by HM Treasury’s Shared Outcomes Fund, and covers 50% of the cost of the trees, with applicants contributing the remaining 50%. We have five different bundles available, depending on where the trees are being planted, plus a hedgerow bundle. Each bundle contains 10, 20 or 25 trees and people can apply for up to 20 bundles.

All the information, including the application form can be found on the website:

In addition to this scheme, CDC can offer advice on applying for free trees and have grant funding for community orchards, agroforestry projects and trees in the farmed landscapes.