Anti Social Behaviour – Dog fouling on the Rec

A lot of you use the Rec to walk your dogs, which is great, but unfortunately there is a small minority who are allowing their dogs to do their business on the grass and don’t clear it up and also letting them urinate on the furniture around the perimeter.

Apart from being a Health hazard, this really is not very nice – this wonderful area right in the centre of our village is used by everyone for sport and general recreation, but particularly children and we need to keep it clean and safe.

Please, please can I ask all dog owners not to use this area as a ‘dog toilet’ and if they do have an accident make sure you have a bag with you so you can clear up the mess and take it home with you. Unfortunately, if we cannot put a stop to this then we shall have to take the drastic step of banning all dogs from the Rec, which we really do not want to do!!